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"In these tumultuous economic times our business sometimes forces us to travel both domestically and internationally at a moments notice on sometimes fairly complex itineraries. When these events occcur, we have been fortunate to have secured a relationship with Execuflight. Their single minded focus on safety, coupled with their unwavering committment to customer service sets them apart in a crowded field and makes them a valuable partner to our firm."
Jeff - Worldwide Business Company

"I have batted many home runs in my years and one other home run was finding Execuflight to service my flight demands. I have been so happy with their work as professionals that I have asked them to also manage my aircraft. Even though I own an aircraft, I still use their services for charters when my aircraft is unavailable."
Sammy Sosa — Chicago Cubs, Texas Rangers

"Pitching a no-hitter is difficult and finding an A+ charter operator can be just as difficult. I am happy to have found Execuflight. I trust them with my entire family, and they have flown myself many times with very little notice to my home country even though obtaining the permits was hard to get. Very professional, service oriented, and very fair pricing. I would recommend them to anyone."
Carlos Zambrano — Chicago Cubs


Need a well experienced and knowledgeable company to manage your aircraft asset with the utmost ease?

Execuflight can meet and exceed your demands with 50+ years of combined experience in jet management and services. Wheth er you desire your aircraft to be available for public charter services or for your own personal use, Execuflight is the choice for you. We can guide you to make the right choice. Placing your aircraft for charter services may be a beneficial option however not always. We will explain the pros and the cons of either option. That is of a management only option or a management/charter option. If you have not purchased an aircraft yet, please consider us in helping you determine the right aircraft for you that will meet your demands. We will also assist in locating the best value available considering all criterias. Selecting the right aircraft is extremely important and should not be considered only by the cost of the asset but rather the direct operational expense of that asset as well your needs and the charter demand if you are considering charter revenue.

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