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ExecuFlight specializes in providing clients with the best customer and
personal service while focusing on safety and comfort.

At Execuflight, we are able to provide in-house maintenance for your aircraft. All of our maintenance personnel are well experienced in a variety of aircraft from single-engine piston, to large heavy jets such as Gulfstreams and Falcons. Each maintenance personnel is qualified to FAA standards and are factory trained accordingly.

We provide in-house maintenance to our managed aircrafts only. Our maintenance department is not a profit center. We provide maintenance primarily to reduce owner fixed expenses achieving the lowest figures possible. By doing so we assure a long lasting relationship with our in-house customers as well as having a 100% dispatch factor.

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Need a well experienced and knowledgeable company to manage your aircraft asset with the utmost ease?

Execuflight can meet and exceed your demands with 50+ years of combined experience in jet management and services. Wheth er you desire your aircraft to be available for public charter services or for your own personal use, Execuflight is the choice for you. We can guide you to make the right choice. Placing your aircraft for charter services may be a beneficial option however not always. We will explain the pros and the cons of either option. That is of a management only option or a management/charter option. If you have not purchased an aircraft yet, please consider us in helping you determine the right aircraft for you that will meet your demands. We will also assist in locating the best value available considering all criterias. Selecting the right aircraft is extremely important and should not be considered only by the cost of the asset but rather the direct operational expense of that asset as well your needs and the charter demand if you are considering charter revenue.

Feel free to call us for free consultation. Ask For Danny Lewkowicz.

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